Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caden's Firsts

In the past week, Caden has both started Kindergarten and soccer.  Now, you have to know that my little man has some wicked anxiety - so starting new things, while a breeze for other kids, is a big deal and brings an enormous amount of anxiety for my guy.  So, yesterday as I watched Cade walk into Kindergarten all by himself, and with him acting so brave, filled this mommy's heart with so much pride for my little guy.  I didn't even cry because I was so proud of him, and I was scared that if I cried, he would too! 

Cade on his first day of school

Soccer has been scary for him too. In fact, during his first game, he only played about once, and it lasted all of about 45 seconds, and he wouldn't stop crying and telling me and Brandon that he was "scared." So for his second game on Saturday, Brandon and I took him there with no expectations. We had tried disciplining him and incentivizing him and bribing him and threatening him, and nothing worked - he would NOT play. But on Saturday, he just surprised us both by playing the majority of the time with no tears or anxiety - we were floored, and incredibly proud of him. For parents with kids who have no anxiety, this is not a big deal...but for us? We couldn't have been more proud of him, even if he had won the freaking Nobel Peace Prize. We love you Cade. :)

Cade is #4


Cammy said...

Wow, way to go Cade! A new sister, new school, and new sport all in a short span of time would throw any kid for a loop, but it sounds like he's good at adjusting even if the initial stage is stressful. I bet having school and soccer as "his" things right now probably help with adjusting to a new family dynamic, too, not sure there have been any sibling jealousy issues? I was about his age (kindergarten) when my oldest younger brother was born, and there definitely some anxieties about it, but it all worked out fine in the end. Okay now I will stop psychologizing your offspring. You seriously make the CUTEST kids, the girls are going to be chasing him before you know it!

Amy said...

It kind of freaks me out that Cade looks so much like you/the brown family. He's adorable and I can't believe he's old enough to be in kindergarten.

IJustDontKnow said...

I know the heartbreak and joy of a child with anxiety. What seems like the simplest thing to most people is a HUGE accomplishment for these little guys! I struggle not to blame myself (my DNA) for creating 2 anxious boys. Listen to your instincts and support him as you see fit. <3