Monday, April 18, 2011

Writing and the Weekend

Many of you have noticed, I’m sure, that I’m blogging much more often – nearly every day – when for months and months, I maybe posted a handful of times in an entire month.

I really really miss my writing.

And this has lead me to toy with the idea of once again resuming writage on the book…but I’m digging my heels in over it. Maybe it’s because I miss my writing pal. Maybe it’s because the task seems so overwhelming and huge, that just getting started; writing that first sentence, seems like too much.

In the end, I’m not sure why. But I know this would be an excellent time to make more headway, what with me only working a few hours each day and the needs of a newborn infant not necessitating my every move - writing now, as opposed to 3 ½ months from now, will be much easier. So why don’t I just do it?

I guess I just feel like I was meant for more in this crazy world than I’m currently offering it. And writing and publishing a book is some little morsel I could offer the world, you know? Sigh.  Maybe I need a smaller dream.

I had a pretty good weekend, methinks. Friday night I went to a bridal shower for my baby sister (okay, she’s my niece, but same diff). I can’t believe she’s getting married. I’M OLD. And she’s so beautiful and young and happy and I am thrilled for her. And then Saturday I woke up in a funk, but decided I’d push the gloomies away by going shopping; it nearly always works. ;) And it did! I bought the aforementioned Keens for me and The Boy – I originally was only going to buy him a pair, but when he saw that they had big girl sizes, he wanted me to have a pair too so we could be twins. And, of course, that melted my heart, because at what other time in my little boy’s life is he EVER going to want to match his mom? I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! He loves them, too. He insists in sleeping in them (puts them over his footed pajamas) and he even asked me if he could walk on water with them. Also, we’ve also got this thing going where we give each other “high Keens” (instead of high fives). :) So I’m thinking all of this mother/son bonding I’m getting out of them was worth the $65 I paid for my pair. Also, their comfy, so bonus, right?

I also bought some more maternity necessities – a coughbiggercough pair of pants, a skirt, and a few basic tees. They were needed!

Saturday night we played with Brett ‘n Ang and Haley ‘n Johnny. We went to dinner then played cards; it was lovely, and I thank Haley for reaching out to me, after reading my pathetic “I need friends!” post. ;) We also went and bought some more must-haves for Avery, including, but not limited to, the most ADORABLE outfit that made me squeal and all that good stuff when I saw it. We also bought her a bassinet, because I insist on her being in our bedroom for the first few months, because new parents get in that mode where they freak out when they snuffle and move around and I just can’t bear to have her so far away from me, in a different room in a huge crib, when she’s so little.

So all in all it was a good weekend. Hope yours was too.

Oh and PS - a pal and blog reader of mine (thanks A) sent this picture my way this morning, and it made me giggle - I thought I'd pass it along:


CG said...

ohhh so darling! I am SO HAPPY for you, Brie. Sorry I suck at blogging - but I wanted to stop by to say I am living vicariously through your blog; I cannot wait until I can afford a baby. You are adorable. -CG

Jonny and Haley said...

I don't think I'd consider it "reaching out". After we hang out at the cabin or Christmas parties or whatnot, we always say, "We really should hang out with Brie and Brandon more". So really, it was our pleasure. We just had to get over that initial, "Will you be my friend?" phase. And I have officially met my quota on quotations at this point. We shall do it again soon!

Sarah @ Bearing, Eating, Being said...

LOVE that photo compilation. So cute!!

Also, I think the mother/son Keens were a wise investment. Like you said, you're just trying to bond with your kid!! Now if you can convince Cade that he needs, I don't know, matching designer purses? You guys could be the new Zahara and Angelia Jolie...

Kerri said...

That's how you need to picture the need for bigger pants Brie-- you need bigger ones because they have to fit around the baby! :P Because you are entirely baby belly, I saw those pics. Glad you had a good weekend-- and how sweet is that of Cade to say?? My Caden just turned 6 and a half yesterday and he is still a big momma's boy, so you should have a fair bit of the cute stuff still ahead of you. <3

ania said...

Babies do so "snuffle....around", how perfectly descriptive.

I appreciate what you write. I look forward to reading more frequently.

I have something funny to send you - it was a text exchange about Ambien that I had with one of my sisters. She was hilarious about it.

With care....