Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I love ya.

My Batman.
One of the most endearing things Cade does these days is that he apparently hasn't yet figured out how to use the word 'because,' and instead interchanges it with the word 'why.'  He is incredibly advanced with his vocabulary, can put on his own shoes, and even knows left from right, but for some reason, he can't quite grasp this one small part of his language skills.

But I don't mind.  In fact, I love it, because it means that my almost 5 year old isn't quite growing up so fast.  It seems every day he just gets bigger and bigger, and I think, Where is my baby going?

For example, I'll say something like,
"Cade, why didn't you pick up the toys in your room?"
And he'll say,
"Why I was too busy playin' Batman, Mommy."

But my favorite?
"Awww, Cade, thanks for the hug.  What was that for?"
"Why I love ya!"  And then he'll give me a big hug, and kiss my tummy and Baby A for good measure, too.

It's now because a common phrase in our house.  We throw around "Why I love ya!" as often as we can.  This evening, Bran wanted to go golfing with his brothers and dad, but knew I wouldn't be too keen on the idea, seeing has he'd been gone at work all day and I'd had Lil C all day by my onesies.  But I kissed him, told him to go have fun golfing, and I said I was letting him, only because "why I love ya."

And I do.  I love my family.


Traci said...

I've followed your blog for a while but I don't think I've ever hello there.

I just thought this was interesting because in Spanish "why" and "because" are the same word. I'm a Spanish teacher so I guess that's why I find it interesting.

Pretty lamo comment for my first comment on your blog. I promise my next one will be much better.

Penny said...

I wish that I had something super educated to say now, however, I will just say that your little Batman is adorable. He has worn the costume every-time that I have seen him during the day. He doesn't seem to notice that no one else is in costume either? So there is another precious quirk. I wonder who he will be tomorrow?

battleinmind said...

kids say the cutest things, he's adorable :)

Dianne said...

Oh, I totally get it. Matt, who was also a very advanced kind of kid, had some words that he had some difficulty figuring out.when he was three, one of those words was 'girl'. We were demonstrating that he said 'glir' instead of 'girl' because it was so darn adorable.

So we asked him, "What's Gary?"

"a boy."

"What's Cam?"

"A boy."

"What's Farrah?"

"a Nerd".


bananas said...

I can't believe how big he's gotten! Kindergarten in the fall?