Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Vacation from the Anxiety

Things around here have been quietly chaotic. I have been dealing with the aforementioned anxiety, and let me tell you, severe anxiety is a full-time, never-get-any-PTO-or-breaks-or-benefits job. To sum it up in a word, it has been, really and truly, TERRIBLE.

But I’m surviving. And more importantly, so is Baby Girl.
Luckily, I have an amazing support team that is helping me get through this time. While girlfriend over here isn’t that great at asking for help and admitting something is wrong, I am getting better about talking to friends and family and Husband and Therapist when I need to, and saying, Hey, I’m having a cardiac arrest over here, can you remind me that life doesn’t suck and that my baby is okay and that I’m not fat and that the world isn’t going to end in about 3 seconds? And, because they love me, they come to my rescue and proverbially hold my hand while I try to wade through the muck that is my life and this pregnancy. So I’m lucky to have them. I really am.

And, not everything as of late has been terrible. Husband and I are leaving in less than two weeks to go on a much needed vacation; just the two of us. We’re leaving the last week of March for Vegas to go to some shows and hang out by the pool and do some fabulous shopping and walk the strip and maybe gamble a little. Big B has never been to Vegas before, so I’m excited to show him around. I mean, I can’t imagine WHY a good Mormon boy has never been to Vegas, but whatever.

After our stay in Vegas, we are heading to Long Beach and boarding a cruise ship to sail to lovely MeHEECo! Yahoo! While I have been lucky enough to go on several tropical vacations, I have never yet been on a cruise. Honestly? While in the throes of my ED, boarding a ship and being around buffets and unlimited food did not appeal to me. Now, none of that matters; I’m just truly hoping they have sugar cookies with pink frosting, because I ASSURE YOU, I will be asking for one at 3 am. I also asked Husband if, while on the ship, we could role play and play Titanic, but he said NO, and that if I tried, he’d throw me off the ship. I’LL NEVER LET GO, JACK.

And, because I thought this picture was adorable, here is me and Cade, reading a bed-time story last night. I love that kid so much.



bananas said...

Wooohooo! I am excited for you! How long is your cruise? Is this the cruise your mom is paying for which was promised when you could maintain your weight?

By the way, I hope you will feel comfortable to reach out to me if you need to! I am always here for you Briester! I <3 you.

Sia Jane said...

You are right.
Anxiety is a full time job!!
I have suffered terribly at time, so I am sorry to hear this.
However, I am so glad all things baby wise are well, and you and the little man look so adorable.
I hope you have a wonderful trip my darling xxx

Kerri said...

Anxiety sucks sooo much. Dealing with it daily as well, but mine is for no real reason. Part is social based but it's turned into just general anxiety. Sigh.

For the record... in that pic there is not a thing about you that looks pregnant. I hope you have a GREAT trip and put up lots of pics for the rest of us that are stuck at home! :)