Saturday, October 9, 2010

"It's not Yellowstone, it's Redstone."

"Redstone" is apparently where we went this weeked, according to C.  You see, Red is his favorite color, and he'd have none of this Yellowstone business.  So here's a recap of our trip, and I warn you now - you stalkers will love the fact I'm about to post over 20 photos, but some of you may think it's a bit of a snooze fest, so just browse if you like.

We "camped" (my version, entailing staying at a motel rather than a hotel) with my parents and of course Husband and the C boy.  It was a quick trip but we actually had a lot of fun and C was delighted to see all the buffalo and elk and we even saw a wolf, coyote, eagle, and bear.  Here are some pics to document the trip:

C and I walking into breakfast...

 Here we are at some steam geyster.  It was FREAKING COLD.  Like 40 degrees cold.  I look all poofy from the 3 layers I was wearing...brrrrrrrrr....

 C with Grandma and Grandpa...
Big B snapped a pic of me putting on my beanie.  He insists it was "scenic."

 Love this pic of Cade next to the waterfall.  He loves this pic and has insisted we show it to his preschool teacher, Mrs. T, who, incidentally, the kid adores as much as I adore Burt's Bees and mustard and of course TOMS.
 B and C love...

Okay I insisted this pic was a deleter, but B said to keep it.  It was at this point that it was getting late and my legs were tired and it was cold and raining on and off and I was getting SICK of taking pics.  You can pretty much see the disdain eeking from my frozen pores...
 And then suddenly, I became C's pack mule.  Or maybe his camel?  I do have two humps, after all.  (My humps, my humps, I love my lady lumps.  Bahaha.)
 I so love you can see crack in this picture...little boy crack is so adorable!  ;)

We call this my Captain Morgan pose...

Finally in the warm car.  In love with B's blue blue eyes.
 Me with mom and Dad.  At some steamy geyser thing.  I look so hot, we could call me maybe McBriemy?  Bahaha just kidding.  I didn't even shower on the trip!
 Pretty hot spring...
Shutup the sun was in my eyes.

 Love him.
 It was so steamy you couldn't even see me and my  mom.  Pretty cool.
Awesome petrified tree.  Cute for a pic, eh?

 Waiting for Old Faithful.  Mom thought it important that my butterscoth TOMS be photographed.  How smart and generous of her!

And, finally, Old Faithful erupting.  Apparently, though, Old Faithful is getting a little unreliable.  Kinda like my period.  Weird parallel?  Whatever I went there.

Anyway, our trip was COLD but FUN and I'm glad we had the fun experience, and I'm glad C got to see it, even though he'll pry not remember it, but for these pictures.

As soon as we were home, Brandon left a Facebook status update that said this:
"Back from Yellowstone, getting ready to see the horror that is Brie bonding with her cats after not seeing them for almost 3 whole days.  It is shameful, trust me."

And then a friend put, "Be strong."
and another put, "I'm sorry.  Just don't watch the horrific scene."

And there isn't.  We've had a proper love-fest and I've apologized for leaving them.  After being duly chastised, Harriet and Roberta have found it in their beautiful hearts to forgive me.

So there's our trip to Redstone, in a nutshell.


Keely said...

Yay! I love my cat Tucker. I went to yellowstone in April and was SO SAD to leave my little man. My roomies did great watching him (and even gave him his meds!) but he missed his mama. :)

I love the pics. You have such a cute family.

Kara said...

Thank you for this post, Brie. I know it was "just" a recap of your trip, but I've been in a bad place lately and sitting here at 1am it has instilled a little relief in my heart. Whysies? No clue, except you are so funny and real even when you don't mean to be. Thank you.

Amy said...

So I had never, ever heard/noticed TOMS before your post about them. Now I've seen them eight trillion times on campus. Thanks for the education in footwear.

(Also, how big has your little man gotten? He's like a legit person or something...)

allegri said...

chicka. your posts never fail to leave me cackling. I hope the cat scene wasn't too horrific + traumatizing for B+C... I am glad you had fun in "red"stone! haha. C is such a cutie! I love the one of Cadester by ol' faithful! Man, when I was out there last it was that temp in JUNE. It snowed the entire time... booo....

t. said...

how fun! and i'm glad your cats forgave you for going away. hopefully it did not require any licking of said cats though. ;)

Alicia B. Designs said...

Brie--amazing pictures! I remember my trip to "Redstone" with my family. The only part I remember is Old Faithful doing his thing for a REALLY long time (I think it set a record actually when we were there), and a buffalo going crazy, our family running to the car only to find my Dad had the keys and we couldn't find him because HE was trying to photography the buffalo!! Sounds like a cool trip--you're lucky you are so close to those part of America!

I hope you're feeling better and enjoying life. I don't comment really but I'm a subscriber to your blog. You're amazing! Don't give up when anxiety hits!

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

I love when you post pics. :) It's always nice to read about you and your family.

Alexandra Rising said...

The hot sprngs [is that what they are called?] are the COOLEST things! Ive never been close to anything in nature resembling a hot spring...the east coast needs to step up it's nature game.

Glad the trip was fun! Love your beanie, too. Sehr stylish.

Maeve said...

Such a fun post!!!

The pictures are fabulous. Your family trips always look like such fun.

Yay! :-)

emo said...

I like your pictures of Redstone!
You and Brando are an attractive couple.

I'm glad Caden was good on the car drive too.

Let me know if you guys need a date night and come bring Cade over to play. He is super easy and so fun.

Brooke said...

Hi Brie its Doug. I'm at Brooke's and I read your recent posts. You are very clever and amusing. Next time u should go south for a warm vacation, but u were a trooper. I went to Yellowstone, Teton and Jackson Hole in July. I would love to live in Jackson it is so beautiful. I would like to read your book, especially if it is as funny as your casual writing. Take care of yourself and know that life will get better for u over time.

firefly said...

Awww It looks like you guys had fun. Cade is supercute boy!!!!

Lady Lazarus said...

Gosh this is going to sound a little weird and stalkerish but I have been reading through your blog and I have to say I think you're awesome :-).

I too have had my fair share of battles in life, including recovering from an ED. And you're so brave and strong and damn cool for taking the plunge, biting the get my drift.

Because life SERIOUSLY is so much better without having to use up hours and hours on calories, fat, weight...blah blah.

Watching your little boy grow must be the most wonderful experience, and I'm sure that he will, indeed, become a big brother someday, and your beautiful family will grow some more.

I wish you all the best and I will continue to you'd better keep on writing!

L (Cardiff, South Wales, UK)

tawny said...

I love seeing your cute face!!!

and LIL 'C! ohhhh how we miss that boy! Mace just LOVES him.

Your trip lookes awesome...great pics! Despite the cold, you guys seemed to have so much fun!!!

Miss you SIS!!!! LOVES!! xo!!