Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Pregnancy

First off, I have to apologize that my blog has gone from being this really cool life and recovery blog, to one of those lame pregnancy blogs. I promise it won’t always be this way…but truthfully, when I’ve got this freaking human being inside of me, changing my body and my entire life, it’s hard to think of much else, you know? So, do be understanding.

A few things that are awesome about being pregnant:

1. My hair! It’s beautiful! It’s long! It’s luscious! It’s LITERALLY grown like 3 inches. It’s way past my boobies now, and I can play mermaid. I love playing mermaid! (I attribute the rapid growth not just to the prenatal vitamin, but to the Boost, too. What a killer combo!)
2. Feeling baby move. At first it kinda creeped me out, like I was being abducted by aliens and PROBED or something, but now I love to feel her squirm around. It makes me smile, every time.
3. Buying baby clothes. Guys, it’s insane. Baby Girl isn’t even bigger than my hand yet, and she already has a killer wardrobe. I can’t help myself; I must stop in the infant girls’ section whenever I am at a store. And when I see the teensy tinsy little clothes, my voice gets really high, and I screech, “Look at those clothes! How cuuuute! I must purchase!” So really, it’s not my fault. I have no control.

A few (or more, really) things I do not like about being pregnant:

1. The fatness. Maybe this deserves an entire post all on its own, but I am realllllly struggling with weight gain. I think it’s because when I was pregnant with Cade and Kendall, I was so much skinnier than I am now, so I knew weight gain had to happen, and was a little more okay with it. Now, I cry when I gain weight. I really do. And I feel really insecure about my bod and it’s just rough. Most people look at my belly and guess I’m 5, 6 months pregnant, and I grit my teeth and smile and say NO, I’M 3 MONTHS. BUT THANKS FOR NOTICING. I’ve even been asked if I’m pregnant with twins. So, for someone with an ED, it’s just tough.
2. The cravings. I put this in the con category, because, well, they’re just so inconvenient! HAVING to have a sugar cookie at 3 am isn’t conducive to going back to sleep and keeping the heartburn at bay. It also isn’t conducive to Mama having a good body image day. I have craved some pretty random things, from Andes Mints to cottage cheese and canned pears, to of course sugar cookies and don’t forget the corn nuts and the Mike ‘n Ikes.
3. The appearnace of the elastic-waisted maternity pants. Ooooh! I be lookin’ HOT.
4. Heartburn.
5. Headaches.
6. Crying at everything from Mufasa dying on the Lion King to an email forward about a mouse stuck in a printer.
7. Gagging when I brush my teeth. Almost barf, every time.
8. THE SMELLS. I smell Brandon’s farts before they’ve even passed his butt cheeks, I swear.

I could honestly keep going, but I’ll stop. Ha! I don’t want Baby Girl to read this, years later, and realize what a BURDEN she was. ;) JK.  Because in reality, I’d take all this, and more, to have my sweet baby girl in my arms in 5 ½ months time.


Maeve said...

I'm a firm believer in the "this is your blog you can write about whatever you want" theory, and if this turns into a pregnancy blog for the next 5.5 months I'm cool with that. If this turns into a baby blog when baby girl is born I'm cool with that too...just as long as you post loads of photos!!!

I know that there are always cons to pregnancy, but I'm still sorry that you're experiencing any of them. I hope that most of those annoying things vanish soon so you can enjoy the good stuff. In the meantime I recommend buying more clothes. Shopping fixes everything :-)

P.S. you looked awesome in your photo that you posted awhile ago.

eden said...

i cry when mufasa dies...

Jonny and Haley said...

People are so lame. Who just asks someone if they're pregnant with twins? And I just want you to remember that Steve's belly stuck out farther than yours and I think Jonny has him beat. Also, I don't know if it helps or not, but all moms look and feel bigger with subsequent pregnancies. I think your uterus and tummy just give up and stretch more easily because they know it's inevitable. And yes, your hair is beautiful!

MK said...

EVERYBODY asks if you're pregnant with twins, regardless of how much or little you've actually gained. It's just a pregnancy thing. Good luck, I hope that you're able to enjoy all the good and divert your focus away from the less-good... you deserve a healthy pregnancy.

Sia Jane said...

This might not mean a lot, but you look TINY!
I am actually and was, surprised when you showed the picture.
So please, angel, step away from the scale or whatever other metal device is stealing your tears.

With regards the this being a blog on pregnancy, go for it.
It is your blog and part of your healing is your pregnancy.

Deep breaths, remember how special you are and remember your blessing that you have fallen pregnant again.

Thinking of you, always xxxxx

Sarah said...

Hey, at least you're actually pregnant when people ask if you're pregnant! Last year, my students attacked me one day, "Mrs. X, you didn't tell us you were pregnant! You are pregnant, right?!" I took a deep breath and replied, "no, I just ate breakfast." THAT one is bad for the self esteem! Bloat + empire waist shirt = pregnancy, apparently.

Kels Anne said...

My biggest fear of pregnancy is weight gain as well.. im soo scared. I'm not pregnant, and don't plan on it till i'm married.. but my bf is totally ready. (almost fiance)..he knows about my ed tho.. it's just so hard. i'm soo scared.

Will said...

Who DOESN"t cry on lion king, preggo or not!?
The weight gaining thing will always be in your mind b/c of your history etc. BUT remember that the weight gain is b/c that little bean/being in your belly is getting all the things she needs to come out and be a happy and healthy baby girl!
Since this isn't your first baby, you show SO much quicker. i.e. basically like you are in the 3rd trimester when you are like 6 weeks. it's just how it is.
And even though your list of cons may seem like it could go forever- you KNOW that when you hold that little sweetie in your will have forgotten all about wanting to ralph everytime you think about brushing your teeth!

Karen said...

I've been reading your blog for a while but this is my first time commenting. No matter what you're writing about, it's always an interesting read due to your writing skills and sense of humor. You never fail to inspire me and give me some perspective. I look forward to reading more :)

t. said...

the pregnancy comments some people make are just so stupid. people should know better than to guess how far along you are. and no one should ever ask a woman if she is having twins.

i had the opposite problem during pregnancy. i was very small. thanks, hyperemesis gravidarum! (yuck) some moron asked me if i was "having a midget baby." wtf?

basically, some people should just be punched in the neck.

Penny said...

I enjoyed your blog and the comments too. From my experience the worst prego con thing is after the baby has been born for a few weeks and you venture forth to go to dinner or something and actually get dressed up in real clothes and you run into an acquaintance and she asks ,"When are you having that baby?" Oh, that hurts! So I say enjoy and worry about everything else later and maybe there will be nothing to really worry about!

bananas said...

#7 and #8 -- I have those and I'm not pregnant. I can't stand THE SMELLS! haha. You look hot, chick. You already know I think that. Do I owe you an email? I think I do. I have 3 appointments tomorrow but I will get on that!