Monday, February 14, 2011

Boy <----or----> Girl

We're fast approaching the time that our spongy little Twinkie is finally going to reveal on the whole does it have a pee-pee or a vee-vee thing.  My gut tells me it is a girl, and my pregnancy thus far has almost implicitely mimicked Kendall's - that is, to say, I've been pukey and run over by a (theoretical) tractor trailer cuz I'm so tired, and have boobs, oh those tender breasts of fire...
Craving sour things like they're going out of bitnass here on the east side, and I cry.  A lot.
And while Pregnant with Cade, life was awesome.  No boobie aches, no bigger (and softer, for hellz sake!) bras, no real nausea, nothing.  It was way too simple a pregnancy because it wasn't overly fraught with extra estrogen (shriek!  the girrrrrly hormones) that are accosting me.

So, some (well, most) think and want this baby to be a girl, because it would be so poetic and beautiful if I were to have another daugher after just having lost one...
but I don't know if I quite yet buy into that fairy tale...

It could be a boy you know.  And we already have proof that I make remarkable ones.  Stellar ones that are goofy and laugh in their sleep and play imagination and eat edamame.

I'd be thrilled to have a boy.
I'd be happy to have a girl.
Either way, I'll be scared.
Either way, I just want this baby safe in my arms in 5 1/2 months time.

So, please, vote at the top of this blog on the poll I posted.  Just curious as to what others think.


Keely said...

Whatever "Brie's gettin' so huge, there's got to be 2 in there." You silly. :)

Eleanor said...

Baby boy or little girl, they will be beautiful, and lucky to have you as their mommy.

I love being updated on the baby bump. I'm sorry about the lady lumps, however. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

You're amazing, Brie. I wish you all the best, because you deserve it.


allegri said...

I so agree with Elanor. ALthough I really think a girl would be grand!!!! But I know Cadester would adore having another play dude around!

I can't wait to hear so much more about the baby + because it, just like you will rock the face off this planet.

Laur said...

how about girl! When do you find out? This pregnancy has taken me and ripped the life right out. Like truly it has been brutal. So if you feel sortive that way then maybe its a girl because this one has been way worse than with Conner.

Kerri said...

I would be assuming girl since you say the pregnancy is so identical to Kendall's... but then they say every pregnancy is different. I wouldn't know as I only have one, lol. Honestly though, I don't care one bit so long as you are holding a squishy, healthy, lovely little new born in a few months! <3

brie said...

Haha. I so wrote this post on Ambien. :)