Friday, May 28, 2010

An Addictive Offering

Upon arriving back from my break while at work today, I happened upon this little treasure on my desk:

Yes. A ciggy with a match casually stuck in it.  Of course.  Because finding this on your desk is totally natural.
Who left me this little gem? And WHY?

So, my friends, after puzzling over it for awhile, and wondering dubiously if it was a doobie rather than a ciggy, what did I do with this cancer stick?

a.) Smoke it. A little curiosity never killed anyone.
b.) Tuck it behind my ear to look cool.
c.) Track down the culprit, ask them if they were nursing a secret struggle with chain smoking, and tell them to BE STRONG.
d.) Wonder if someone is trying to give me another addiction because my brilliance as an un-addicted person is that of A THOUSAND SUNS and blinds them with my majesty. Jealous betches.


Kara said...

This is hysterical and you are hysterical. Thank you so much for who you are. You are a part of my recovery.

bananas said...

How crazy!!

Missing In Sight said...

Love, love, love the pic. It is too cute! I needed a good laugh!

allegri said...


lisalisa said...

Bahahahahaha! This is so funny! Strange, but funny.

brie said...

seriously you guys! why do the WEIRDEST things happen to me? who else gets the gift of a cigarette so randomly??

Devon said...

Oh you make smile :)

t. said...

how weird!

and i'm gonna go with B and D.

alriggells said...

I love it and would have to say your brilliance as an un-addicted person is that of A THOUSAND SUNS and yes yes, I am truly jealous.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

It looks like you called Aaron to hold that cigarette and pose for that photo. Cute nails.


怡潔 said...


Anonymous said...

What the huh???
That is too funny. The thing is -- if I was going to do something so random like that to someone (and I do love being ridiculous) you would be the perfect candidate....I bet there was someone in your office hiding behind their cubicle wall and cracking up as they watched your reaction.....especially when you decided to do a hand puppet.
You'll haver to fill us in if you ever figure who did that. (0: