Friday, March 29, 2013

Changes Around Here

Caden lost his first tooth yesterday!  It had been loose for awhile, but he was too scared to wiggle it too much or pull at it, mostly because I'm pretty sure Brandon scared the crap out of him when he showed him a youtube video of someone tying their loose tooth to a bottle rocket and lighting it.  Nice parenting move, babe.

Anyway, I fixed him his toast with strawberry jelly for breakfast, and it sort of just fell undramatically out of his mouth and landed on his shirt.  He didn't even know what happened, and it didn't even bleed!  But I can't believe I have a kid old enough to be losing teeth.  Pretty soon puberty is gonna hit.  Oh crap!

We are gearing up to landscape our yard.  We aren't doing anything fancy; mostly just a big garden (yes I'm actually going to try to keep something alive other than my children - garden vegetables are WAY harder than kids) and some room for a flower garden and our tramp - but mostly, we just want a ton of grass.  11,000 square feet of grass, to be exact.  That is A LOT of grass.  Here is a pic of how big our yard is, and the full backyard here isn't even pictured!

Brandon and his dad and brothers and some of our awesome neighbors came over and helped us start digging trenches for sprinklers today, and we are about halfway done.  We're hoping to finish digging tomorrow, but poor Bran is so sore; he's got blisters on his hands and can't even walk!! - so we'll see what happens, but I'm hoping to get this done soonish, so that we can fully enjoy a grassy yard for the summer.  I am SO SICK of my kids playing outside and getting either crazy muddy or crazy dusty.

So, lots of changes going on here.  Growing kids, a growing yard...lots of good stuff!

And, I'll leave you with a cute picture of Mila I took today.  I kind of want to squeeze her and her adorable beaver teeth.


katiemacgregor said...

um excuse me when did mila turn into a LITTLE GIRL & not a baby! craziness!

that photo of cade is sooo adorable. love it.
& your yard is enorm! it will look so great with grass!

ania said...

Brie, how did none of your "My New Home" posts feature the fact that you have MOUNTAINS RIGHT THERE?

And can see both of you in Cade, but mostly of his dad in this particular photograph. And Mila, oh gracious - how delightful. And since she has both hair and teeth, I guess you're going to keep her, huh?

I just thought of something that would be hilarious (at least it would be hilarious to me). You should put both the kids in that barren trench and stick in a post with a sign that says, "Grass by June 21st or bust!"

Well - it'd make me laugh.

ania said...


So someone just informed me that with your living in Utah and all, your proximity to snow-capped mountains is as novel as [insert something that is not very novel and is in fact, taken for granted.]

emo said...

very cool about the tooth! Also exciting stuff to get your sprinklers, grass, gardens and tramp all in! Happy times. :)