Monday, January 14, 2013

The Past Few Months in Pics

I've hardly posted any pictures lately, so here a few I've taken on my camera the past couple months.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen these, but if you don't, then enjoy!

This picture of me and my cats is epic.  And it's kind of sad, because I look terrible in it - no makeup or anything - but my cats...ah man, CLASSIC.  Bobbi's got TWO rolls of back fat goin on, and Hairy's sticking out her tongue.  Somehow, this pic just captures the essence of the nuttiness of my cats.  :)

My two besties, K and L.  So happy I have them.

I'm wearing a llama shirt.  A LLAMA SHIRT.  I loved it so much I went and bought it in blue too!

Me and Cade at church.  :)

Brandon and I went to the Waldorf Astoria in Park City and had an amazingly fancy dinner.  Afterward when we were waiting for the valet to bring us our car, we sat by a cozy fire.

This is my Gwen Chicken!  I want to eat her!  And she's technically not even mine, but still, gimme gimme!  Look how SQUISHY she is!!  :)

My quirky outfit today.  I dig it.  (Though, honestly the shoes didn't go well with the 2 F weather we have here...)

So, I talked about my llama blouse, and now onto my CAT BLOUSE!  My two nieces saw it in a store and nabbed it because they knew I would freak out and die.  Also, my cat ring Cade got me for Christmas.  Love it and wear it every day!


Colleen said...

my jealousy of your kitty(ies)-owning is out of control. they just look so snuggly and loveable.

brie said...

C, i will snuggle them and love them TO DEATH for you. :)

ania said...

Yay, photos! I love all of the smiles.

Also - Please take care, my girl.

With care....

Colleen said...

yes! please love them and snuggle them for me.... i will have to live vicariously through you.

ps - i know you didn't post about the bachelor, but i know your smutty self can't resist it.... ;) Tierra is out of control!

Liz said...

The photo of you and your cats makes me smile. They look so thrilled that your holding them up on display. :)

Stephanie D said...

I love that you are adding pictures again... I love the picture of you and the monstrosities that are your cats... And the pics of your cute patterned shirts. I think that we need to go shopping soon. I love all of what you are wearing... And your cute little cat ring. I don't even love cats but that ring is darling.

We still need to hang soon. Let's try to set something up?

ania said...

I'm thinking of you Brie.

With care,


KC said...

your kitties are HUGE! (that sounds strangely dirty, but I mean it in the most innocent way)

ania said...

Hi, Brie.

I had a dream that you had a new post up, but that I'd been going to the wrong webpage looking for updates.

Still thinking of you, at the least, I hope you're hanging on, at the best, I hope you're rocking.

With care....