Friday, January 11, 2013

My Sleepless Child

I am going nutty!  For the past week or so Mila has just up and decided that napping is for losers.  She's not even 18 months yet, and she's already refusing to nap!  Granted, when she doesn't nap, she goes to bed by like 6ish, but STILL, I can't handle it.  I so NEED a couple hours during the day to chill and de-freak while she sleeps.  I hadn't realized how much I depended on that time to nap or clean or read or whatever.  Any advice or tips on how to get her to nap?  I've tried the whole route of letting her scream it out in the crib, and she wins every time...she'll NEVER stop crying.  She throws her bottle and all her blankets/stuffed animals out of the crib and just stands there shrieking.  FOREVER.  Listening to her scream is more horrible than just letting her roam free and stay awake.  :/  I am so not a happy camper right now!

I'm not much of a resolution setter, but with the new year I have been casually thinking of a few goals I'd like to set.  One thing I want to do more this year is write.  Whether that be in a personal journal, or on this blog, or maybe (but probably not) workin on my book, I know that I really do usually just feel better when I'm expressing myself through the written word.  My anxiety has been a killer lately and I really think this could help.  So, hopefully/maybe you'll see more frequent posts from me.

Mila, pictured above, in one of her Christmas outfits. I was SO jealous of it!

And, also, here's a pic of my red(der) hair.  I luuuuuurve it!  I'm going to go even more red next time.  :)  What think ye?

Hope you all have a great weekend.  I think we're just going to chill at home.  There's been a massive snow storm in UT over the past 24 hours or we're talking FEET AND FEET of snow, but further south from SLC, where we live, we've only gotten like half an inch! So everyone's been complaining about how awful it is, and I'm very happily chillin in a house where there isn't too much snow.  Granted, we've already got a foot or so from the snowstorm from hell right around Christmas, but, luckily, no new snow.  (I hate snow and I live in UT.  Go figure.)  Anyway, we pry won't want to brave the streets this weekend and instead will stay cozied up in the house.

Also, there is a horrible influenza outbreak in UT right now with a TON of fatalities I hear.  :(  I live in mortal fear of this flu because if I caught it, with my lung disease, it seriously might kill me.  So I am happy to stay at home and steer clear.  Two of my sisters and their families have caught it...and I feel so sad for them!  Stay healthy and stay breathing!  Rah I hate snow and flu season.  I just want to lie in the sun and go swimming!!!  MAKE SUMMER COME!!!


allegri said...

Have you tried using an ipod with some lullabies? We do that with my niece (at nap and bedtime) - it plays for 30 mins with an auto shut off.

The snow has been horrible at our house, ugh, I hate it! I like TWO miles from work and it took me 30 mins each way today. Can we just have teleporting powers, like right now?

We have SOOOOO many cases of the flu right now, be safe chica. I best not be seeing you as my patient!

I love the hair! I think even more red would be cute though too! (Coming from a fake-red herself!)


alriggells said...

Normally I love the winter because of all the snowboarding I get to enjoy. This year has been a bit frustrating due to being sick more then I ever am and seeing all my friends sick. I am right there with you on wanting some sun now.

I hope you get things figured out with Mila. Sounds like you are just too much fun to be around that she just wants to hang out with you all day.

I have been thinking of ya, and hope all is well. I miss ya.

ania said...

Kind of related, but not really: Every time I glance at your sidebar I read, "rapper extraordinaire", instead of "napper extraordinaire".

I really like you hair color.

Lou said...

Oh no! Daytime naps should go until they're at least 12 or so right? My 2 year old son went through a phase a while back where getting him to sleep was a nightmare, day or night. Soooooooo exhausting! I don't really have any advice, because he just kind of got himself back on track after couple of weeks. I think it might have been teething related? What's Mila's tooth situation these days? I think my son is distracted when he is awake so they don't bother him too much, but as soon as he is still, he realises his mouth hurts, and he lets us know (loudly!). I will keep my fingers crossed that it's something like that, or maybe just a phase that she will snap out of. Hopefully soon :)